Donghyun KIM
Yonsei University
Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Dr. Donghyun Kim received a B. S. with summa cum laude and an M.S. from Seoul National University in 1993 and 1995, respectively, both in electronics engineering. He graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MA, U.S.A. in 2001 with a Ph. D. in electrical engineering in the area of novel multi-dimensional display technologies and smart optical filters developed for military applications. He worked on next generation fiber-optic access communication systems at Photonic Research and Test Center, Somerset, NJ, of Corning Inc. as a senior research scientist and then investigated cellular biophotonic sensors for in vitro cell culture devices at Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering of Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, as a postdoctoral fellow. Since 2004, he has been in charge of Biophotonics Engineering Laboratory of Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea. He served as program chair for the Information Technology Program of Underwood International College, Yonsei University and has directed the Yonsei Institute of Medical Instruments Technology. The main theme of his research has been fundamental studies of nanophotonic technology and applications in biomedical engineering with an emphasis on plasmonic techniques. He has given 70+ invited lectures on related topics and written more than 100 peer-reviewed journal and conference publications on nano and biophotonics, many of which were the results of collaboration with researchers of diverse backgrounds across the world. He also holds 21 international patents and works closely with many industrial partners.