Day 2: 19th August, 2018 (Sunday)

Programme information is subject to changes

Charles K. Kao Auditorium
Conference Hall 4-6
Conference Hall 7
09:00 – 10:40
Parallel Thematic Sessions 2
Medical Robotics II
Chair: S. W. LAW / Raymond TONG
New Horizon in Therapeutic Endoscopy: From Lumenal to

Philip CHIU

Development of Surgical Robot in Korea
Young-Woo KIM

Magnetic Swarming Microrobots for Biomedical Applications

Automatic Diagnosis for Wireless Capsule Endoscopy
Yixuan YUAN

Panel Discussion
Biomedical Imaging I
Chair: Jyh-Cheng CHEN / Dong NI
Intelligent Ultrasound: Automating Standard Plane Localization and Biometric Measurement
Dong NI
Imaging and Visualisation of Biological Tissue Properties
Chee Kong CHUI

How Can We Implement the Concept of Precise Surgery using Deep Learning Models?
Jing QIN
Intelligent Medical Image Detection and Segmentation via 3D Deep Learning
Panel Discussion
Abstracts Poster Session
10:40 – 11:00 Tea Break
11:00 – 12:00
Plenary Lecture
Chair: Philip CHIU / Joseph SUNG
Grand Challenges of Science Robotics
Guang-Zhong YANG
Soft Microrobotics and Applications in Medicine
Bradley NELSON
(Live Broadcast)
Plenary Lecture

12:10 – 13:50
Parallel Thematic Sessions 3
Biomedical Imaging II
Chair: Jill ABRIGO / Lin SHI
Cancer Histology Footprint Analytics

Deep Learning in Medical Image Analysis: Brain MR Tumor Segmentation
Jyh-Cheng CHEN

Non-invasive and Non-contrast Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers Based on Magnetic Resonance Spin-lock and Their Clinical Applications
Weitian CHEN

MR Images Quantification for Assisting Neurological Disease Diagnosis
Panel Discussion
Nanomedicine & Biosensing II
Chair: Aaron HO / Donghyun KIM
A Lab-on-a-Needle System for Minimally Invasive Cancer Screening
Ken-Tye YONG
Diagnostics of Infectious Diseases via a New Biomarker: the Activity of Essential Pathogen Specific Enzymes
Megan HO

2D Materials Based Nanoprobes for Biosensing, Imaging and Therapeutics

Large Scale Screening for Atrial Fibrillation Using Smartphone Technologies
Bryan YAN

Panel Discussion